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Shining the Spotlight on Billie Holiday - Distinctive Voices Series

Shining the Spotlight on Billie Holiday - Distinctive Voices Series

Welcome to my (Joellen Hoff) new, ongoing series, Distinctive Voices! Wherein, I'll be turning you on to aspects of iconic and maybe some not so iconic singers with incredible style and authenticity. The first in the series is Billie Holiday - the very famous Lady Day! In this video, I focus on her unique voice as well as a couple of her milestones. She was a fascinating lady with a one-of-a-kind vocal style that continues to influence singers to this day! As one of the "greats" in the jazz world, she performed with iconic players such as the beloved Louis Armstrong, who was one of her idols growing up! Lady Day was not only a highly recognized singer, she was a pioneer! She courageously recorded a very controversial song called "Strange Fruit", even though, in that time period, 1939, it could have ended her career. If you want to learn more about Billie Holiday here are some links: Wikipedia Website Documentary Autobiography - Lady Sings the Blues Lady Sings the Blues - Movie with Diana Ross Spotify Strange Fruit - BBC Article PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE AND GET ON THE MAILING LIST! more social links: Instagram: Facebook:

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