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Maybe in other posts you've heard us talking or referencing "The Nest". "What is it?", You ask. Well, a few years back we were watching the old Live From Daryl's House videos, the ones from when he used his home as a venue, and we thought, wouldn't it be cool if we could do something like that, on a smaller scale of course. So, we did! We built an addition on to our house, built a stage and we call our cool new room "The Nest".

Why call it The Nest? We have two very well loved parrots, Birdie and Punkin, who pretty much rule the roost (no pun intended - well maybe... LOL!) So, it just seemed fitting to name our new room, "The Nest".

(Birdie is on the left - Punkin is on the right.)

Fast forward a couple of years from the time we broke ground and we realize that this building this room was incredibly timely. With the COVID lockdowns and now vaccine mandates, it has and continues to be difficult to do live shows. So, it is our plan to live stream from our own personal stage and to have intimate concerts for friends right here in The Nest. Also it is our plan to invite local musicians to jam with us, like at Daryl's House!

Admittedly, we've got some learning to do with regard to live streaming. Inevitably, there will be a learning curve and additional gear to be had, but we'll get 'er done. Ambitiously, (maybe over ambitiously) we are looking to do a test stream by the end of October.

So, when you hear us refer to The Nest, you'll now know what we are talking about!

The entrance to "The Nest" - pretty cool, huh?

If you are interested in our live streams, we'll post them on the website as well as send out an email to those of you on the email list.

All for now!! Talk to you soon!

Joellen and Stephan


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