The Nest!! What is it??

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

"The Nest"! What is it? The Nest, which is currently under construction, is going to be a place for intimate musical gatherings; where we, G.I. and Jo, can perform for friends, and host a live internet stream for those who live too far away to join us. It's going to be a place for local musicians to make appearances, let their hair down (so to speak) and jam. It will be a comfortable place where one can feel at home while being part of a live in-house concert ("in-house" being the operative word). AND the house is our house!

A few years back Stephan and I were watching a series called Daryl's House. If you aren't familiar with it Daryl Hall (Hall and Oates) decided to do a web series wherein he would invite his musician pals to his house to jam and stream it live on the internet. Ultimately it became a successful cable show. It truly gave the audience a chance to see their favorite musicians making music in a relaxed no-pressure setting.

The show has now been revamped a bit and has been renamed Daryl's House Club, which I believe has now been moved to a venue with eats and cocktails. Very cool! I can't wait to see more episodes!

So how did "The Nest" come into fruition? Stephan and I thought it would be a dream come true for us to do something like "Daryl's House". To have the option of performing intimate concerts from the comfort of our own home as well as showcasing some local talent in a relaxed and personal setting.

I pretty much thought The Nest would be a pipe dream, but Stephan, being the make-it-happen, amazing kinda guy he is got the ball rolling. After much deliberating we are now adding a large room to our house and we are happy to say that"The Nest" is now under construction.

In the future, we will post a video of the building process from start to finish, but for now, here are a couple of photos of the first day of our journey

Stephan mapped out the room and began rolling up sod. A huge undertaking, which he did by himself!

This video shows just how big the area is!


Stephan around 12 hours later - project completed! LOL!

We hope that by Christmas the room will be ready for some music, but like most construction projects, this one will probably have its share of issues and delays. So, we'll shoot for Christmas and see what happens!

Oh, how did we get the name The Nest? Twofold. First, The Nest will be a cozy room where all who gather will have a "birds-eye" view of live performances; and second, we are the "parronts" of two lovable (and sometimes very naughty) parrots. We often, and affectionately refer to our home to as the nest. LOL! so hence, the name "The Nest" seemed to be a perfect fit!

Talk to you soon!


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