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Joellen Hoff and Stephan Hoff, the two seasoned musicians who call themselves G.I. and Jo! Why the name G.I. and Jo? Well,

Stephan is ex-military, the 82nd Airborne to be exact and Joellen is...Jo! The name just seemed like a natural fit! 

Both Joellen and Stephan have roots in Rock, with influences like Heart, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Bruce Hornsby, and more. Both played the "rock circuit" in the '80s. Beyond their rock roots and influences, both Joellen and Stephan are fans of Soul and Jazz, as well. 

As a married couple and writing duo, there is undeniable chemistry between them as evidenced by their tunes which are playful, soulful, and sexy.  It is hard to compare this duo's sound with other artists, it is uniquely their own! Rock infused with splashes of many genres including classic rock, soul, jazz, country and latin. 

Joellen and Stephan are both people of faith and their Christian beliefs and values are of utmost importance to them as are family, friends, and love of country!

If you take a look at their various social media sites you will be introduced to their two mischievous parrots, Birdie and Punkin! They would steal the show if allowed on stage! 


G.I. and Jo are blessed to be able to collaborate with various musical talents one of them being Doug Wilmarth whom they consider a third member of the group. He is a master of all parts guitar and he is an integral part of  G.I. and Jo's musical progressions and ideas, as well as a lifelong friend and collaborator. 


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