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GI and Jo are hosting a Memorial Weekend show on Saturday, May 27th. This will be our first official show since building our live stage addition.

There will be an open deck starting at 5 pm. We aren’t equipped yet to serve food, but you are welcome to bring your own or a snack to share if you’d like. Please bring your own beverage if you desire something other than bottled water or sodas. We’ll provide serving utensils and plastic ware.

 Seating is limited inside, but we’ll have outdoor speakers on the deck and a portable ADA ramp to get into the venue.

 We’ll perform a 75 minute set of original music starting at 7:00 PM.

Please enter through the east or west gate on the side of our house at 1877 Park Dr in Loveland.

Please read the "BIRD RULES" below. 

Looking forward to seeing our friends and neighbors.  

No RSVP necessary. If you can make it great! If not, no worries. We'll have another show soon. 

GI and Jo


Welcome  to the Nest, GI and Jo’s private stage.

While you’re here, please observe a few ground, perch, and flight rules.


We have birds, (DUH), so watch your step, both for the birds and for bird poop.


If you encounter either Birdie or Punkin, don’t try to touch them, unless you have a fetish for life-time scars.  Birds often bite, especially when they are frightened. They will wound you and not apologize for it. They interact differently to different people, but just pretend you’re not a bird whisperer.


Please do not offer the birds any food. They are on very strict dietary meals.


Please don’t yell or make sudden movements around the birds. Please don’t yell or make sudden movements around us or other guests, either.


Absolutely no smoking or vaping anywhere on the property, inside or out. If you have to smoke, please take a walk down the street.


Speaking of the street, there should be ample parking within a short walking distance from the Nest. Please don’t block any of our neighbors’ driveways.

All of our shows are BYOB. (Bring your own beverage) We will try to provide eating utensils. Always feel free to bring a finger food, Crowned Roast Rack of Lamb with pistachio mint sauce, or a snack to share if you’d like but it is not required. Of course, you aren’t required to share, but you don’t make new friends by being stingy.


We have restrooms available for use. If you find there is no toilet paper, inform the restroom attendant immediately. Please don’t relieve yourself outside as we have security cameras.  We will blackmail you.


Every show we do is a labor of love. It is our passion to write music and perform. Recording is not cheap. We don’t charge anything for our performance at The Nest.  It means the world to us when fans buy our merchandise. It doesn’t come even remotely close to paying for studio charges, but it allows us to keep a business registered with the IRS and write off all our gear.


Our website has all of our songs available for download purchase. We make close to a buck with a download as opposed to a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a cent when you stream our music on Spotify. But, hey, no pressure.


We encourage you to film our show and share it with your friends or social media. If you’d like to place some of our music in a feature film, ad campaign, or record and distribute your own version of a GI and Jo tune, let’s chat.


Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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